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Laboratory Overview

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Transmission Biology

It's estimated that more than 400,000 individuals succumb to malaria every year, mostly children under 5 in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Arbovirus Transmission

Global transmission of arboviruses by arthropod vectors is expanding, with Florida serving as a gateway for introduction from the Caribbean and South America

Translational Research &
Product Development

We translate bench side discoveries into global health interventions such as vaccines and more recently diagnostics.

Emerging Pathogens Institute

Our laboratory, located within the institute tackles several important emerging and re-emerging vector-borne diseases by dissecting the biology of transmission of these pathogens through their arthropod vector

Dr. Dinglasan, Principal Investigator

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We encourage experts from different backgrounds to jointly tackle large problems and develop technologies needed to support our mission. We accelerate the pursuit of science by leveraging complementary scientific skills and efficient administrative expertise.

When you work with us, you become part of a team that has a greater mission in mind. Blending science, technology and unique individuals brings forth a collaborative team aiming to change the world.

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First in human clinical trials of the AnAPN1 malaria transmission-blocking vaccine

Former director of the PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative, Christian Loucq, M.D., says it is exciting to see Dinglasan's concept moving toward a clinical trial. "There are very interesting issues to be addressed in this project which span the technical, immunological, strategic, regulatory and behavioral," says Dr. Loucq, who also formerly directed the International Vaccine Institute. "A transmission-blocking vaccine would be the most elegant solution to the problem of malaria."

Clustered rapid induction of apoptosis limits ZIKV and DENV-2 proliferation in the midguts of Aedes aegypti

Jasmine's 1st first-author paper (Yay Jasmine!) that dissects very early innate immune defense mechanisms of mosquito vectors following infection with flaviviruses.

UF Professor of Infectious Diseases, Dr. Rhoel Dinglasan, discusses the new saliva COVID tests